Facility Rental

First Presbyterian Church in Regina has a number of opportunities for rental of its many facilities. 

  • The Board of Managers works to determine appropriate rents, availability, and terms and conditions for using the building.

  • The Church provides both short and long term rental agreements for its facilities.  These agreements differ based on the use the facility will be put to, and the length of time the rental agreement covers. 

Long Term Rentals
  • These rentals use a standard monthly base rate and are then individually negotiated and formally, legally, agreed to by all parties. 
  • For more information about Long Term Rentals, please contact the Church Office at 522-9571 or use the email link on this web site.

Casual Rental:

  • Each room or area has a day, full day, and evening rental rate.

    Rental Policy 2020

    Rental Application

  • For more information, and to rent a room for a short term (less than a month) please contact the Church office.
  • NOTE:  The Sanctuary has restrictions on the functions for which it may be used.  Please contact the Church office before making plans to use this area.

  • WEDDINGS:  If you are planning a wedding and would like to use the Sanctuary, please visit the Weddings page.

  • Functions using the grand piano are required to pay $150 for tuning the grand piano. There is an upright piano in the Sanctuary as well for casual use and rehearsals.

  • FUNERALS:  Visit the Funerals page.