The Minister and Session of First Presbyterian Church are delighted to receive your inquiries about marriage.

 The Presbyterian Church in Canada affirms this about marriage:

  • Christian marriage is a gift of God. In creating us as human beings, God made us for relationship – both with God and one another. The marriage relationship provides for the full expression of love between two people, and for the life-long companionship, help and comfort, that partners share with each other.

  • God gives marriage for the good of human society, which can be secure and free, strong and happy only where the covenant of marriage is honoured. God gives marriage that spouses may reflect God’s steadfast love for creation; and that the family may become a sign of God’s kingdom on earth.

  • The apostles instructed those who enter into the marriage relationship to develop a mutual respect and love; to comfort each other in sickness, trouble, and sorrow; to provide for each other and for their household in honesty, and industry; to pray for each other, encourage each other and to live together as those who inherit eternal life.

  • Marriage is, therefore, a high calling, not to be entered into lightly or carelessly, but prayerfully, responsibly and with reverence for God.

First Presbyterian Church welcomes all enquiries regarding weddings at our church. Our beautiful sanctuary, center aisle, magnificent stained glass windows and pipe organ are ideal for hosting this most important day in the life of any couple.

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