The Session is the main decision-making body of the congregation.  The Session meets monthly to carry out their duties as prescribed in the Book of Forms, which is the directive followed for church organization and management, by the Presbyterian Church in Canada.     

  • The Moderator:  The Minister of the church, who, while an employee of the Presbytery of Assiniboia and not a direct employee of the church, is appointed by the Presbytery as the Sessionís Moderator and as a Teaching Elder to the congregation of First Presbyterian Church.

  • The Clerk of Session: The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the records of the church. The Clerk keeps all records of Session meetings and correspondence as well as congregational and annual meeting. The Clerk also maintains the historic roll - a listing of all members of the church -as well as the church directory that lists all members and adherents (people who attend our church but have not become full members). The clerk also maintains the lists for the elders' districts.
  • The Representative Elder: The Rep Elder is a member of Presbytery whose role is to ensure that communication between Session and Presbytery is always occurring and to provide guidance and decision making from First Churchís perspective at the Presbytery level.