Presbytery of Assiniboia

Our Minister is a teaching Elder of our Session, and the Moderator of our Session, however the Minister is not a member of the congregation of First Presbyterian Church. The Minister is an employee of the Presbytery to which our pastoral charge belongs.

First Presbyterian Church in Regina is a member congregation of the Presbytery of Assiniboia. This Presbytery is made up of a number of pastoral charges in towns and cities throughout southern Saskatchewan, covering the area from the south western border to the south eastern border of Saskatchewan, extending to just south of Saskatoon.

First Presbyterian Church has two members in the presbytery, our Minister and one Representative Elder (a member of our Session).

The Presbytery meets regularly throughout the year. The location of the meetings rotates routinely amongst the pastoral charges. The Presbytery has, like the Session, a Clerk and a Moderator as well as other officers. The Clerk of the Presbytery of Assiniboia looks after all correspondence and matters of the Presbytery.

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