Our Organization

The Kirk Session: In First Presbyterian Church, Regina, our Session is composed of 12 elected elders and our Moderator. Our church has adopted Term Eldership whereby Elders are elected by the congregation, formally ordained into Eldership and then serve a term of 6 years, renewable. In addition to the decision making role, our Elders also provide a pastoral role. Each Elder (except the Clerk of Session) has a “district” comprised of people in the congregation with whom the Elder keeps in close contact about the life and activities of our church. In addition, Elders are provide spiritual support where they are able and as requested.

Session Roles: There are various roles that Elders play on the Session, including Clerk of Session and Representative Elder.

The Board of Managers: The Board of Managers looks after all matters relating to the finances and property of the congregation. Employees of the church report to the Board.