First Presbyterian Church, as a Christian organization, makes Mission work a part of its everyday life.  Our congregation firmly believes that we should share our good fortune and the gifts God gives us with others in the world and in our community.    

As a result, our Church participates in various Mission projects in the local Regina community, in Saskatchewan and Canada, and in the wider international community.  Projects range from small and intimate local ones, to longer-term initiatives in co-operation with Action By Churches Together and other international Christian and relief agencies. 

First Church plays its part by supporting Presbyterian World Service and Development on a regular basis, as part of our Presbyterian heritage.  In this way, First Church in Regina supports many mission projects and initiatives around the world, especially in the poorest countries and among the world’s most destitute people. 

In addition, our church works as part of the Regina community by supporting The Regina and District Food Bank, and assisting the Salvation Army through the Interdenominational Sunday Lunch Auxiliary to help feed hungry people in Regina and area. 

First Presbyterian Church is also a contributing member of the Regina Anti-Poverty Coalition.

The Church undertakes its own local mission projects such as Freedom from Freezing – a project where the church members knit hundreds of warm winter mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves to supply inner-city schools with clothing items for disadvantaged children.

Another Mission project the children and youth of the Church have participated in is “Making Mission Magic in Malawi”.  This program raises funds to purchase malaria nets for PWS&D’s orphanages in Blantyre and Livingstonia Presbyteries, in Malawi, Africa.