The Rev. Amanda Currie was inducted as Minister of Word and Sacraments at First Church on Friday, July 28, 2017.

Amanda was installed as Moderator of General Assembly in June, 2019.

Amanda grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, where she attended St. Giles Presbyterian Church with her family.

Amanda earned a B.A.Sc. in Gerontology from the University of Guelph in 1997. Amanda attended Knox College in Toronto from 2000-2003, and was ordained November 16, 2003 just before moving to Saskatchewan to serve at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Saskatoon.

Amanda has been married to Nicholas Jesson since 2001. Nick is a Roman Catholic theologian.

In 2013, Amanda began to work on a Doctor of Ministry degree through the Toronto School of Theology and Knox College.

The focus of her research is on Interchurch Families, with particular interest in how Presbyterian ministers provide pastoral care and guidance to denominationally-mixed couples and their families.

Amanda has served The Presbyterian Church in Canada as an interim moderator, Clerk of the Presbytery of Northern Saskatchewan, Presbyterian representative for the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s National Event in Saskatoon, small group leader at Canada Youth conferences, adult advisor for Saskatchewan Presbyterian Youth, Chaplain at Camp Christopher, Convenor of the Camp Christopher Committee of Synod and on the Assembly Council.

Amanda is currently the Moderator of General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. She was installed in June, 2019 and continued into a second year during the coronavirus pandemic. See the Moderator's Page.

Ecumenically, she has served on the boards of Interchurch Health Ministries Saskatchewan and the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism. She has also been a chaplain and instructor in the Prairie Centre for Ecumenism’s Program in Ecumenical Studies and Formation, and she was on the writing team for the 2014 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity international resources. She also serves as a Presbyterian representative to the Governing Board of the Canadian Council of Churches.

As a congregational minister, Amanda enjoys leading worship, preaching, and celebrating the sacraments. She loves to sing, and appreciates opportunities to make music with others for the glory of God. Although Amanda does not love committee meetings, she appreciates the opportunity to work with elders and lay members in the ministry that we are called to enact together in the church. She believes that fruitful ministries grow when all God’s people have the opportunity to discover and use their spiritual gifts in the Body of Christ. She looks forward to getting to know the people of First Church, discerning together where God is leading us, and putting our gifts and resources to good use for ministry and mission.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys walking, crocheting, colouring, and most of all, spending time with her husband.

You can read Amanda's sermons on her website.