First Presbyterian Church Regina has a number of “memorial” initiatives for those who wish to remember their friends, colleagues and family members.

Memory Garden and Courtyard

The Church has a small courtyard between the two sections of the building where a perennial garden with fruit trees have been planted in memory of various former members of our congregation.  Perennial flowers and plants especially, are welcome additions to this courtyard garden, a place of peace and tranquility in the hustle of downtown.  If you would like to place a plant or shrub, or come in and plant something yourself, please contact the Church office at: 522-9571 for further information.

Memorial Stones, and other Placements

Many of our spectacular stained glass windows have been given as memorials to former church members, and family members of current church members.  In addition various signs, plaques, hymnals, bibles, and  musical instruments have been gratefully accepted by the congregation in memory of loved ones.  If you would like to place a memorial to a loved one, please contact:  The Clerk, The Kirk Session, 2170 Albert Street, Regina, SK. S4P 2T9

Memorial Fund

Often, money is donated in memory of individuals after a funeral.  These funds are administered by an eight member committee of the congregation of our church, and if the funds are directed to a specific purpose, then that purpose is carried out.  Funds that are not designated for any particular purpose are used for lasting items that enhance our congregational life – such as hymnals, bibles, hearing enhancement headsets, and other items that benefit those who attend our church services.  Memorial funds are not used for general operational funding of the church organization.

Bequest Fund

Often, congregational members leave bequests and/or portions of their estate to the Church.  These finds are invested for the long-term benefit of the organization, if they have not been designated for a specific purpose.  More information on bequests and their management can obtained by contacting the church.