The MacBeth Memorial Window

On Sunday morning the 18th of December, 1960 the stained glass windows (2) known as the MacBeth Window was received by the Session and congregation of First Presbyterian Church. These two windows were the gift of Mrs. Margaret Douglas in memory of Andrew and Ellen MacBeth. Mr. David Marshall, Clerk of Session officially received each of the windows on behalf of the congregation during the dedication ceremony. The Very Reverend Norman D. Kennedy, D.D., proclaimed the dedication “to the glory of God and in grateful memory of Andrew and Ellen MacBeth”. These windows, made by Celtic Studios of Swansea, Glamorgan in South Wales, were erected and installed in the early winter of 1960.


The Left Window, carries the symbol of the Cross of St. Andrew at the top and immediately beneath, is the illustration of disciples Andrew and Simon deciding to follow Jesus. Below the disciples is the Saskatchewan Coat of Arms and beneath this, the caption “We look for new heavens and a new earth” in Memory of Andrew MacBeth.

The Right Window carries the symbol of the Golden Lion with Red Wings at the top, which is the symbol of St. Mark. The reference is to the Book of Mark Chapter 1 Verse 3 referring to John the Baptist as “A voice crying in the wilderness.” The figures illustrated in the middle of the window are those of St. Mark preparing his Gospel. Below the figures is an open Bible and beneath this, the caption “Wherein dwelleth the Righteousness” in memory of Ellen MacBeth.

MacBeth Family History

Andrew MacBeth

Andrew MacBeth was born in Walkerton, Bruce County, Ontario in 1873 and was educated there through elementary school and high school. After high school Mr. MacBeth enrolled in Teachers College, becoming the principal of Falstaffe School, Stratford, Ontario before leaving teaching and joining the staff of Mutual Life Insurance.

While working for Mutual Life, he moved to Regina in 1908 in the role of Branch Manager. Andrew retired in 1948 after 40 years of service to the Mutual Life Assurance Company. He was an alderman in 1917 and 1918, a member of the Regina Public School Board for 6 years and the Collegiate Board for 6 years. While Chairman of the Public School Board in 1926, Andrew introduced a thrift scheme, designed to teach young children the value of saving money. By 1930, the children had a credit balance of $35,000 in the bank.

Andrew also served on the Board of Governors of the Regina General Hospital for two years, was a charter member of the Wa Wa Shrine Temple and Past Master of the Northwest Mounted Police Lodge A.F. and A. M., a member of the Regina Chamber of Commerce, the Men’s Canadian Club and the Canadian Life Underwriters. In 1937 Mr. MacBeth tool over the chairmanship of the Youth Training Board at the request of the Provincial Department of Education.

In addition to all of Mr. MacBeth’s other activities, he also owned a large farm near the City of Regina, which contained one of the most modern poultry and egg production plants in the Province of Saskatchewan.

Andrew MacBeth died in Regina at 79 on February 28, 1952, his funeral was conducted at First Presbyterian Church by the Reverend Ronald Davidson on March 4, 1952.

Ellen MacBeth

Ellen MacBeth was born in Eden Grove, Bruce County Ontario. She married Andrew and they moved to Regina, Saskatchewan in 1908.

Mrs. MacBeth was a tireless worker in her church as well as in the Regina community. She was Past President of the Regina Arts Association, President of the Regina Women’s Canadian Club, Past President of the Regina Liberal Association, Past President of the Women’s Education Club of Regina College, and Past President and Life Member of the Women’s Missionary Society at First Presbyterian Church.

After a lengthy illness, Mrs. MacBeth dies at her Angus Street home on November 28, 1958. Ellen’s funeral was conducted, at First Presbyterian Church, on December 1, 1958 by the Very Reverend Norman Kennedy, D. D.