Confirmation and Profession of Faith:

First Presbyterian Church warmly welcomes all those who by their infant or childhood baptism, or adult desire, are now committed to professing and being confirmed in their faith. The Minister and Session Elders of First Presbyterian Church are always delighted to accept into our congregation new members by confirmation and profession of faith.

Generally speaking, there are two main methods of confirming and professing Christian faith. One of these methods, called Confirmation, is designed for youth, aged 12 – 18.

Confirmation classes are held yearly (as required). In these classes, young people are provided with the opportunity to learn and to question the meaning and commitment of professing their Christian faith. They also learn to deal with the issues of doubt and uncertainty, and to explore the ways in which God calls us to be a faithful people. Led by the Minister and assisted by Elders of the Church, confirmation classes finalize by a Confirmation ceremony in which the “confirmants” or class students, profess their faith publicly during the regular Sunday Worship Service of the congregation. Certificates are provided and, according to our Presbyterian tradition, the “right hand of friendship” is extended to the confirmants by all of the Elders of the Session, and then by the witness and verbal acceptance of the congregation of First Presbyterian Church. Confirmants then become full communicant members of the congregation of First Presbyterian Church, in Regina and of the wider Presbyterian Church in Canada.

A different method, designed more specifically for adults, is called Profession of Faith. This method involves appreciative inquiry of the meaning and commitment of faith, of duty and service, of doubt and obedience. While the same general questions and information noted in Confirmation classes, is covered, this process is designed for adults study rather than youth.

Profession of Faith is arranged with the Minister and a sponsoring Elder. As potential professing members are adults, formal classes are generally deferred in favour of individual meetings and discussions between the potential professing member and the Minister/Elder. As with youth in confirmation classes, these discussions culminate in an actual ceremony in the regular public Worship Service of the Congregation. Church Membership Certificates are provided and in the same manner as the confirmation service, Elders and the congregation formally witness and accept new members by Profession of Faith, into the congregation of First Presbyterian Church. As with confirmation, once accepted, professing faith members become full communicant members of First Presbyterian Church Regina, and the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Profession of Faith can occur on any Sunday of the Church year that is deemed appropriate by the Minister and Session of First Presbyterian Church, and is not restricted to a particular yearly cycle as is the case with confirmation classes.

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