Committees of Session
  • The Christian Education Committee: The CE Committee looks after all the Christian Education aspects of our congregation such as Adult Bible Study, Sunday School, Youth Programs, Seminars, Camp, the library, Canada Wide Presbyterian Youth events, etc.  Sunday School teachers also sit on this committee as does the Youth Coordinator. 

  • The Fellowship Committee: This committee is responsible for organizing events and initiatives that promote fellowship within the congregation.
  • The Mission and Outreach Committee: This committee is responsible for all mission activities and outreach activities in the Regina community. This committee looks after such programs as the Inter-Denominational Sunday Lunch Auxiliary (a joint venture of most Regina churches to feed the hungry in our community a lunch each Sunday), Regina Inter-Faith initiatives and other outreach activities.

  • The Pastoral Care Committee: The committee is responsible to ensure that hospital and other needed visiting is done for members of our congregation by members of our congregation.

  • The Stewardship Committee: The purpose of this committee is to maintain an awareness in the congregation of the stewardship of our gifts, skills and finances. The committee develops and organizes our regular stewardship campaign in the congregation.

  • The Worship Committee: The Director of Music reports to Session through this committee. This committee makes recommendations regarding all aspects of public worship (such as the dates and times of worship, the frequency of worship, and other aspects such as dates and time of special services.) This committee looks after details of Sanctuary decoration such as banners, symbols and flowers, etc, and is responsible for the look and feel of our church bulletin (printed order of service) and many other details of public worship in this place.